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Fairs 2024

woori méxico fair

Woori México Fair - Abril, 2024

The best English schools, public and private colleges, Canadian universities participating in the fair. More than 40 representatives present welcomed and answered questions from participants on study, work and immigration issues in Canada.

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Past Events and Fairs 2023

Events 2023

Mexican Cultural Day

mexican fair

The dominant culture of Mexico reflects a blend of indigenous and Spanish customs; however, traditions vary greatly across the country. 

Hong Kong Cultural Day

events for international students

The culture of Hong Kong is primarily a mix of Chinese and Western influences, stemming from Lingnan Cantonese roots.

Italian Cultural Day

International Students events and fairs
The main elements of Italian culture are its art, music, cinema, style, and food

Korea Cultural Day

korea cultural day

Cultural Day: Korea 🇰🇷

Discover a new culture through its food, games and interaction with international students.

Fairs 2023

Private Colleges Fair

private colleges fair in toronto

Woori Educational Fair Toronto Canada, free event!
Opportunities to study and work in Canada in the best colleges with the best prices.

Public Colleges Fair

fairs for international students

Learn about the different study programs at Public Colleges in Ontario.