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Common-Law Union

Common-law relationships typically refer to couples that live together in an arrangement akin to marriage, but without an actual ceremony or legal documents. Common law

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Best Country

Such good news Canadians got 3 days ago.  Canada is 2nd country named world’s best country in 2018! Every year U.S. News & Worlds Report’s

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What is Express Entry

Express Entry (EE) is an online application system used for immigration purposes. It allows people to submit a profile, which will be ranked and the

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Higher Education in Canada

Undergraduate Studies in Canada Undergraduate education in Canada follows completion of senior secondary or high school.  Certificate ProgramsLess than one year, or one to two

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No IELTS or TOEFL? No problem!

University pathway program (UPP) or English for academic purposes program (EAP) is an English language preparation program, offered by many language schools in Canada that

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The Top 8 Careers in Canada

According to GlobalNews these are the top eight jobs of the future that today’s students should consider: 1. TeacherMedian salary expectations:  $50,000 to $55,000/year.Schooling needed:

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If you want to work after completing your studies in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit. In today’s blog,

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Bring Your Family to Canada!

From earning an internationally respected education to working during and after your studies, there are a lot of great benefits to being an international student

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Housing on a Budget

When it comes to finding a good place to live in, many people encounter a lot of obstacles. Prices being a major one. CBC Canada reports, that

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Christmas in Toronto

With the Christmas and New Year coming up, many people start to wonder what to do when the weather outside is frightful and the fireplace

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Private Colleges: Study & Work

We often get questions about Canadian study and work program. This program was intended to provide international students with the opportunity to stay and work

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