How to create a Canadian resume

canadian resume

Regardless of whether you decide to leave for Canada as a student or worker, among the documents you need to be able to start your adventure, there are your resume and motivation letter.

These are two indispensable documents in your job search on the Canadian job market, but did you know that your country’s resume model is different from the Canadian one? These documents are different in each country.

Here are some simple tips so you can draft your resume following the Canadian template:

1. Do not include photos or personal information. Unlike other countries, in Canada, you should not include a photograph of yourself within your resume or even any personal data other than your full name and contact information. This is because hiring should be based solely on work experience, avoiding discrimination of any kind.
2. Do not write more than 2 pages. The resume should be brief. Include the most relevant positions and experiences based on the position you are applying for.
3. Include volunteer work. If your volunteer experiences are related to the job position, include them within the resume, as it shows that you have experience in the field.
4. Organize the information neatly. The resume should be organized, clear, and error-free. It must be smooth in reading. Organize the resume into sections and highlight key skills and experience.
5. Use keywords. Describe your skills and experience using industry keywords, which you can also easily find in the job ad.
6. Diversify your resume according to the job position. It is important to create different resumes, highlighting skills, knowledge, and positions acquired, based on the position for which you are applying.

Writing a Canadian resume is the first step in diving into the Canadian working world. You must tailor your resume to the Canadian resume. Now, are you ready to begin your adventure in Canada?

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