No IELTS or TOEFL? No problem!

University pathway program (UPP) or English for academic purposes program (EAP) is an English language preparation program, offered by many language schools in Canada that allows international students to get accepted to partner colleges or universities no IELTS or TOEFL required. Successful graduates of the UPP (EAP) will be able to enter directly into their chosen partner school once they have completed the program.

What will I get?

The UPP (EAP) will help you develop a much broader skill set than simply focusing on passing an IELTS or TOEFL test. You will take courses to develop your academic English skills. You will learn note-taking skills, academic research and presentations skills, essay writing, intensive listening skills and you will overall expand your vocabulary while learning academic strategies for success. 

How long will UPP (EAP) course last for?

One of the advantages of UPP (EAP) course is that its duration varies based your starting English level which you will learn about by taking school’s placement test on your first day at school or online. And If your English is good it might take only 8 weeks to complete the program. 

Will I be able to apply to any college or university?

If the college or the university is a partner of the English language school  – yes. Different schools have different UPP (EAP) partnership agreements. Contact us to find out which language school suits your needs best.  

When can I apply to college or university?

You don’t necessarily have to wait until your graduation from the UPP (EAP) course to apply to college or university. You can do that once you have a letter of acceptance from the English language school stating that you are/will be enrolled in the UPP (EAP) course and get a conditional letter of acceptance from the college or university. Conditional letter of acceptance means that the university or college accepts your registration automatically once you have laid down the requirements for your course. In the case of the UPP (EAP) course, it will be the certificate and transcript from the English language school once you successfully graduate from the program.

What does it cost?

Depends on the English language school, but generally, there are no additional fees for the UPP (EAP), just your regular course fees.

Do I need to take any additional tests?

During your studies, you will be taking tests administrated by the school. That will allow you to track your English language level progression. But in order to apply to college or university, you won’t need to take any additional tests. So, IELTS academic or TOEFL are NOT required.

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