If you want to work after completing your studies in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit. In today’s blog, we are going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about it. For full information please refer to cic.gc

The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) FAQs:

1) Am I eligible to apply, if my program at the college was 8 months long?
If you graduated from a designated learning institution and didn’t take unplanned semester off – yes. To get a post-graduation work permit, you must have continuously studied full-time in Canada in a study program at least eight months long.

2) When do I need to apply for PGWP?
You need to apply for a work permit within 90 days of when it was confirmed that you completed your program and have a valid study permit when you apply for the work permit.

3) Can I apply for PGWP if I already have one?
No, you aren’t eligible to apply for a PGWP if you already had a post-graduation work permit following any other program of study. You can only get PGWP once.

4) Can I get a PGWP if I completed a study program by distance learning?
No, you aren’t eligible to apply for a PGWP if you completed a study program by distance learning either from abroad or from within Canada.

5) How long the post-graduation work permit is valid for?
If your program was:
     – less than eight months
        you aren’t eligible for a PGWP
     – more than eight months but less than two years
       your PGWP may be valid for up to the same length as your study program (for example, if you studied for nine months, a work permit may be issued for up to nine months)
     – two years or more
       a PGWP may be issued for three years
     – more than one program
       a PGWP may be valid for up to three years, for example, if you finished a diploma or degree from an eligible school in Canada, and within the next two years you get a one-year       
       graduate degree or diploma from an eligible school in Canada.

6) Can I work while I am waiting for the decision regarding my PGWP?
You can work full-time until a decision is made on your work permit application if you: —-
      – completed your study program
      -applied for a work permit before your study permit expired and
      -were eligible to work off-campus without a work permit while studying and did not work more hours than you were allowed to while working off-campus.

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